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Red 8-Pin Coil Charge and Sync Cable

Case: 12
Hinta: $12.70
Meidän hinta: $4.49
Säästät: $8.21 (65%)
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Koodi: DDI-1909972

Red 8-Pin Coil Charge and Sync Cable
Red 8-Pin Coil Charge and Sync Cable.It is the simple solution to avoid tangled cable issues and is part of the extensive range of global power solutions from Ennotek. For those cluttered desktops or areas with limited space, the 8 Pin Coil from Ennotek allows you to data sync or power charge your devices without the hassle of long, clumsy cords. Ennotek provides a simple, tangle-free environment for your space sensitive needs with its innovative coiled design. 8 Pin Coil Cable is compatible with USB devices for data sync and power charging. Designed for efficiency. Made out of treated plastic for optimal strength and resistance. Light up technology.
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