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Rushing Waters River Terrain Pack

Price: $35.99
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Code: 9-GBTM-201

Just Add WaterNegotiating a tangle of waterways has turned the tide of hundreds upon hundreds of military battles throughout history. Commanders who were able to maneuver through these natural obstacles tasted the sweet nectar of victory. Those who were not... were often left dead in the water. If you're looking to pack more strategy and tactics into your standard wargaming battle, look no further.Why You'll Love It: Stratagem's Rushing Waters terrain pack features 15 pieces of liquid scenery in 5 unique shapes that are completely modular. You can arrange and rearrange a complex system of waterways using straight rivers, bends, forks, ponds (which also serve as natural endcaps)--there's even a massive 16" lake. Each river measures 4 inches wide, and the whole set laid end to end is well over 12 feet of terrain!Just like our battlemats, each piece of river is made of quality 2mm neoprene and sublimation printed at a crisp, high-res dpi. If you need to take your rivers on the go, they pack right up into the included canvas carry case, which clips right on to backpacks, cases, and our battlemat carry case, if you've got one.
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