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Take A Gamble

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Take A Gamble

Take a Gamble is a fast-paced game that actually incorporates five different games of chance into one. The game board is set up Monopoly-style (smaller squares around the edge of a square game board). Each space is labeled with a different Las Vegas-style gambling game and a few offer you the opportunity to draw a "Take a Gamble" card. The main games are 5-Dice Poker (similar to Yahtzee), Pecos-5-Card Draw Poker, 7-11 (aka Craps), Blackjack and a couple of original dice games called Gambler's Row and Roll for the Jackpot. The Take a Gamble cards contain small bets, such as cutting the deck of cards, whoever draws the highest card gets $15 in chips from another player. As the players move around the board, they play all of these games and have the opportunity to make bets and side bets on the outcomes of the various games. The game ends at either a predetermined time or when one player has taken all of the chips. It's an excellent way to put a spin on Poker Night, or board game night, for that matter. The constant switching of games is smoother than you might imagine, and keeps the game interesting and exciting. There is little to no downtime in this game, all players are kept constantly involved.
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