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Cookies and Cream Polyhedral Dice Set
Price: $14.99

complete set of seven Cookies and Cream Dice

Weight: 0.11 lb
Please do not eat them. The dice-o-mancers at Wiz Dice bear no responsibility for what happens to your body if you eat them. If the urge becomes too powerful, you may not have the discipline required to wield the delicious powerful, creamy goodness. If you notice symptoms of intense craving, mouth-watering desire, please throw these dice in a deep well and have it consecrated by the nearest cleric. Cookies and Crit. All dice, whether stone or resin, tell a story.

This complete set of seven Cookies and Cream Dice from Wiz Dice includes gorgeous, intricate polyhedral for all your roleplaying needs. A lavish white base is a chock full of sweet, chocolatey flakes (please don't eat these dice). A crisp gold inlay invites you to channel the sweetest crits of your career with a d4, d6, d8, d10, d10 percentile, d12, and d20. Whether these become your new standby or the set you pull out when you REALLY need that crit, you'll be looking fresh and feeling cool.



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