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XY Furious Fists Dark Hammer Theme Deck

Trainers, step in the ring and fire up your ferocity
Price: $19.99
Points Price: 19.99
Reward Points: 0.10
Code: 5-820650109034-1

Each theme deck consists of 60 cards. It also includes a coin, counters, play mat, and deck box. This themed deck has everything you need to get your game on.

Become King of the Ring! Trainers, step in the ring and fire up your ferocity for the Pokemon TCG: XY-Furious Fists expansion! Brace yourselves for a grand tournament unlike any before with Mega Lucario EX and Mega Heracross -EX! And, as the competition intensifies, a host of Pokemon appear for the first time in the Pokemon TCG-each one eager to prove itself as a master of battle! With a team backed by brand-new Trainer cards to power up your Fighting-type Pokemon, your opponents will be left wondering what hit them!
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